Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Any idea how to resolve this error: 335544758 sort_rec_size_err
Author Leyne, Sean

> The query contains about 35 tables all LEFT or RIGHT joined in a tree
> ultimately to one single table.
> The query has been working fine, performance has been excellent and
> optimized etc etc.
> I just joined in one more table (the last one I needed for the report
> as it happened) and that's when this error started.

I suspect that the error is really related to the number of tables in
your query.

I personally have never tried referencing 35 tables in a single query.
I suspect that you've reach the limits of what the 1.5 engine can do.

You might want to try the query against the v2.0 beta to see how it does
-- we have been using v2.0 for many months without any problems.