Subject Re: Any idea how to resolve this error: 335544758 sort_rec_size_err
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi John,
what is the reason for using LEFT or RIGHT join to that many tables?
Cannot any of them be INNER joined? Like Sean (who is a heavy Firebird
user and knows the limits far better than me), I have never tried
joining (anywhere near) that many tables, but I think it would be
worth checking your query before concluding that the reason is too
many tables (35 doesn't sound that much, even though LEFT and RIGHT
joining is more complex than simply using JOIN). So, can you show us
the query and the generated plan?


--- In, "johncr0181" wrote:
> Hi Sean, thanks for the quick reply!
> I get that error even when I have one integer column in the order by
> clause.
> The query contains about 35 tables all LEFT or RIGHT joined in a tree
> ultimately to one single table.
> The query has been working fine, performance has been excellent and
> optimized etc etc.
> I just joined in one more table (the last one I needed for the report
> as it happened) and that's when this error started.
> I suspect the error is misleading since I can reproduce it with only
> one column in the order by clause or it's referring to some other
> type of sorting.
> - JOhn