Subject Re: Any idea how to resolve this error: 335544758 sort_rec_size_err
Author johncr0181
Hi Sean, thanks for the quick reply!

I get that error even when I have one integer column in the order by
The query contains about 35 tables all LEFT or RIGHT joined in a tree
ultimately to one single table.
The query has been working fine, performance has been excellent and
optimized etc etc.
I just joined in one more table (the last one I needed for the report
as it happened) and that's when this error started.

I suspect the error is misleading since I can reproduce it with only
one column in the order by clause or it's referring to some other
type of sorting.

- JOhn

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> What is the total size (in bytes) of the fields/columns referenced
> your GROUP or SORT BY clause?
> Sean