Subject RE: [firebird-support] Any idea how to resolve this error: 335544758 sort_rec_size_err
Author Leyne, Sean
> "Sort record size of <number> bytes is
> too big"
> That's the sum total of all information I could find on the error
> from the fb manual or a relentless hour of searching on the 'net.
> It's FB 1.5 on Windows and to reproduce the error I moved the query
> to IBManager out of my application just to be sure.
> It's appearing with a *very* large query that was working fine right
> up until I joined one more table to it. I can run the query if I
> take out the Order By clause but if I add the order by clause with
> even only one field referenced in it I get that error.

What is the total size (in bytes) of the fields/columns referenced in
your GROUP or SORT BY clause?