Subject Stored Procedure Return Values
Author Dan Mallon

First, thanks to all those who offered suggestions for reporting tools.
For anyone interested, CutePDF didn't have what I needed, but I found
a company called Synactis which has a ReportMaker product and an API
that I should be able to use for an acceptable cost (~500 euros for a
development license and ~45 euros per client license).

Now, one of the possibilities I'm looking at is having a stored
procedure do all my database work and having the report just call the
stored procedure.

For that to work, though, I'm looking for reference to info about how
FB 1.5.2 can return a collection of data instead of just a value. I
know how to do this in Oracle and figure it's possible in FB, I just
don't know how. Is it similar in Firebird? Is there an online
reference for such a thing?


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