Subject Unable to edit 'old' table data.
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

This to me is weird but may have a logical explanation?

I had an old app set up using IBOTdataset components. I converted
the program first to ZEOS and then to MDO components with the same

Any new records entered can be edited, but the older records cannot.

I'm using FB 1.5.2. and a 'copy' of the DB that I'm using for trials
at home along with D5 Pro.

Changes have been made to the field types since the original app was
done but this (to me) doesn't explain why the older record fields
cannot be edited whilst 'fresh' fields can.
Possibly I could have made a mistake with setting up the other
components but why can I still edit the newer records without
problems using the current set-up?

Reverting to IBO, all the fields (old and new) can be edited. Ditto
if I use IBExpert (Personal).

It's not a serious problem as I'll probably convert back to IBO
TDataset and I don't really want the software users to edit data
anyway (I've allowed edits so that any typos/mistakes can be
rectified until the users are au fait with the app). However, it has
me intrigued so, if an explanation is available, I'd like to know
for my education.