Subject Re: Relative paths with multifile database
Author Adam
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> > >Hello,
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> > >I'm working on a big database file (near as 3GB) and I was
looking for
> > >a way to split this file in order to be able to burn it on a DVD (ISO
> > >standard max filesize is 2GB). I saw that it was possible to have a
> > >multifile database. So I made a backup of my database then I restored
> > >it to 3 files. However, when I try to move all the files to another
> > >directory, I can no longer connect to the database because the server
> > >tries to access to the second and the third files in the directory
> > >they were created in.
> > >Is there a way to tell the database to search for the next parts in
> > >the same directory that the first part?
> >
> > Yes. Restore them using hard file paths. Don't try to use relative
> paths,
> > since the syntax for relative paths is filesystem-dependent. The
> engine
> > stores the absolute locations in the database header. In any
case, you
> > don't want database files in the system32 directory, you want them
> in an
> > explicit user directory whose access permissions you can control.
> So why
> > not just restore to the correct locations, instead of this
> > crazy) two-step approach?
> >
> > That said, Ivan Prenosil has a handy tool called GLink, that you can
> use to
> > modify the paths that are stored in the header for multi-file
> databases,
> > when you move the files. Download it here:
> >
> >
> > ./hb
> >
> Yes it seems to be a crazy approach but actually the problem is I have
> to store and access the database on a DVD. I can't use hard file paths
> since the letter of the DVD device can change from a computer to
> another. So I'd like to tell the engine to search the other parts of
> the database in the first part directory.
> I'm gonna check this tool, GLink, see if I can use it to solve my
> problem. Thanks.
> C├ędric Maucourt


How are you intending on accessing a database that spans multiple
DVDs? Since you use "DVD device", I assume you mean there is only one
DVD drive. What if Firebird "needs" something located on a DVD not
inside the drive?