Subject Relative paths with multifile database
Author cedric_maucourt

I'm working on a big database file (near as 3GB) and I was looking for
a way to split this file in order to be able to burn it on a DVD (ISO
standard max filesize is 2GB). I saw that it was possible to have a
multifile database. So I made a backup of my database then I restored
it to 3 files. However, when I try to move all the files to another
directory, I can no longer connect to the database because the server
tries to access to the second and the third files in the directory
they were created in.
Is there a way to tell the database to search for the next parts in
the same directory that the first part?

I try this :
gbak -C -use_all_space .\db.backup .\db1.FDB 131072 .\db2.FDB 131072
But the second and the third files are then created in the
windows\system32 directory... and same problem when I try to move them.

Best regards,

C├ędric Maucourt