Subject problems backing up help please
Author milton
i recently inherieted this database and am having problems with it
dropping names out of my name table it was suggested that i do a back
up and restore but everytime i try to back it up i get this message
please help my company has a multi-million dolar deal riding on this info

Backup started on Mon Nov 28 16:39:27 2005...

gbak: gbak version WI-V4.1.0.194
gbak: Version(s) for database "C:\NTSYS\RQ\PlantCS\CPLANT.GDB"
InterBase/x86/Windows NT (access method), version "WI-V4.2.1.328"
on disk structure version 8.0
internal gds software consistency check (decompression overran buffer
gbak: gds_$receive failed
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
internal gds software consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck)

Backup exited unsuccessfully on Mon Nov 28 16:40:19 2005