Subject Looking for Linux backup script
Author Lou

For years I have used a program called GBACKSCHED on my Win32 servers
to backup firebird db's using a method that provided daily and weekly
archiving. I am now moving servers to Linux and need a utility that
will do the same and was thinking a shell script run by crontab would
do the trick.

Is there utiliyt I can configure and load to do this or must I use
gbak via crontab etc...

I know how to use cronta to schedule a backup task using gbak, but
what I am looking for is source to a script that I can run using
crontab that will do the following:

1) Run gbak
2) gzip the backup file
3) rename it
4) store zip files by day and the weekly versions upto 4 weeks.

My goal is to have the following:

A daily backup named according to day of week and backup set i.e.,, etc...

for each day of week.
For a specific day, I would then have a weekly archive i.e. for lets say 4 weeks after which, the following would

The existing 4 would be moved to a folder overwriting the prior 4
weeks saved and then the process could continue.

The end result being I hav a dialy backup and a weekly backup for a a
maxium of 7+ weeks, not to mention what I save to tape etc...

Does this exist at all?


- Lou