Subject Re: Looking for Linux backup script
Author Adam
--- In, "Lou" <lfeliz@y...> wrote:
> HEllo.
> For years I have used a program called GBACKSCHED on my Win32 servers
> to backup firebird db's using a method that provided daily and weekly
> archiving. I am now moving servers to Linux and need a utility that
> will do the same and was thinking a shell script run by crontab would
> do the trick.
> Is there utiliyt I can configure and load to do this or must I use
> gbak via crontab etc...
> I know how to use cronta to schedule a backup task using gbak, but
> what I am looking for is source to a script that I can run using
> crontab that will do the following:
> 1) Run gbak
> 2) gzip the backup file
> 3) rename it
> 4) store zip files by day and the weekly versions upto 4 weeks.
> My goal is to have the following:
> A daily backup named according to day of week and backup set i.e.
>,, etc...
> for each day of week.
> For a specific day, I would then have a weekly archive i.e.
> for lets say 4 weeks after which, the following would
> happen
> The existing 4 would be moved to a folder overwriting the prior 4
> weeks saved and then the process could continue.
> The end result being I hav a dialy backup and a weekly backup for a a
> maxium of 7+ weeks, not to mention what I save to tape etc...
> Does this exist at all?
> Thanks.
> - Lou

Don't forget to restore the backup file to a temporary location to
make sure it is valid as part of your script. When your hard disk
bombs, it is not really the best time to start wondering if your
backups were successful.