Subject Windows newbie cannot connect
Author Tom Cloyd
Greetings! I'm on a WinXP SP-2, with Firebird- installed in its
Superserver flavor.

I have a couple of questions:

???: Where do I get documentation for the small set of utilities provided
with the install (gsec, etc.) I've looked for this and found nothing.

???: I'm thinking I need to create a user so that I can operate in from my
standard user acct. rather than my Administrative account, but I don't
know where to find out how to do this.

I've downloaded the Interbase 6 manuals from IBPhoenix, but I'm somehow
not learning anything about users. Must be missing it or something.

Is there a quicker way I can get started, other than plowing through the
indexes of a dozen manuals?

isql.exe seems to have no help facility that I can find. Do I really have
to research every command I try to enter to get the syntax right? Is there
no quicker way to find out what's wrong?

I have IBEasy installed, and have done a lot of MS Access db
construction/programming, so I'm reasonably comfortable with databases
generally, but I'd just like to get into this one more easily.

Thanks in advance for all help offered.

-- Tom C.

Tom Cloyd, MS MA, LMHC
Private practice Psychotherapist
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A: (360) 920-1226
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