Subject Re: Firebird Embedded - Access denied to UDF Library
Author Adam
--- In, "parcye" <colin@p...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have installed a UDF DLL on my system. I have tried it in many dirs
> and with many setups in firebird.conf, but nothing helps.
> UDFAccess I have had set to
> Restrict UDF
> Restrict C:\fbbedded\UDF
> I have got the rootpath setup correctly.
> I have tried the DLL with gsd32.dll as 'ibase' name
> and 'fbembed.dll', nothing works.
> I am running out of ideas on how to solve the problem. I have had a
> long long look in this support area, read most results on google
> (even translated the french and russiun results).
> Anybody got any idea or solution?

Does the Firebird User have file system rights to the dll? In cases
like this it is helpful to start off without restricting the UDF path
until you have it working, then lock it down.