Subject Re: Firebird performance
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
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A quick, and admittedly unscientific, test seems to indicate that
this is the problem.

Now what do I do? There is no way I'm going to run FB 2 in

> bah !
> Couldn't you make it a bit easy ? :-)
> serious, don't know what to think about it.
> I have remembered a thing I read on the FB 2.0 release notes.
> I have no idea if it has any relation to what you are facing, but I
> just tell it.
> Nickolay fixed a race condition that make the server stalls until
> another packet come from the network, could you try to execute your
> query and when it get slow try to run another query in another isql
> window to see if the second connection unlock the first one ?
> It is a big shot in the dark... and could be completelly non-
> but give it a try.
> see you !
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