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Author Graeme Bruton
Thanks, Frank

D/L and installed IB datapump and I'm playing with it now.

How did you know I'd hijacked a previous thread? (:-o

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Joining Databases

Graeme Bruton schrieb:
> Hi All
> I am still very new at Firebird and this group, so please forgive my
> mistakes that I might make in asking this question.

First of all you should create a new thread instead of hijacking an
existing one :-)

> I have Firebird SS on a Redhat 9 platform, and I have a previous backup
> (gbak) of a database that I need to "join" to the current live database,
> make it one live database. How would I do this without trashing the live
> database?

You probably need to restore the backup to a database with a *different*
name (sth. like gbak -c -v blah.../backup.fbk blah.../newname.fdb) and
use one of the datapump utilities available (this may even include qli)
to pump the necessary data from the backup into the live-database.

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