Subject Choosing Character set
Author Lou

For the longest time I have been using characterset of NONE for
Interbase and Firebid with my Delphi apps. A client had someone
reviewing a database app I done for them and the question came up why
I chose NONE instead of ASCII or ISO8859_1 or even a WIN specific
charset? My client plat forms are mostly WinXP, Server 2003 and some
Linux for PHP.

I did a Google search and found info on charsets, but no real
definitive suggestions. I am in the process of moving several apps
from FB 1.03 to 1.52 (in preparation of an going to 2.0 in 2006) and
am wondering if I should change the CHARSET to ISO8859_1 and what is
involved in doing so? Do I need to create an empty database using new
character set and pump data over using IBPump or do I just alter
existing db and then GBAK and restore it to 1.52?

My goal is to just choose a standard charset and not look back, kind
of like what I have done with choosing CHARSET of NONE.

Thanks and I appreciate your input.

- Lou