Subject Re: [firebird-support] database corruption without system restart
Author Michal Rzewuski

Thank you very much for help and fast response that saved me a lot of
time. This is the most important thing since if you know the problem
it's easier to find a cure.

I've been very busy for some days because of this problem but now I know
this will be ok.

The problem was as mentioned the 36GB limit. For short term I just
removed some GBs of data (it took a lot of time: delete, backup and
restore) for long term I created a mechanism to place data in different
tables – a lot of work and many modification to existing applications :(

From this story I learned that real limit for number of rows in FB1.5
is not 2^32 (as stated in FB book p.947) but is much much lower! As I
understand, for the size of row of 50 bytes in average the limit is
54,488,391,056B/50B=108e6 that is less than 2^27!!! I believe in many or
even most of applications this number is big enough but not always :(

Thanks again for help and looking forward for the FB2 (no 36GB limit)!