Subject Re: Remote Database files
Author Adam
> Well, I know it is not a good idea, but this is what I was asked to
> do.
> HOST2 is a SAN storage, accessed via mapped drive. No way to
> FB on it.
> And the customer doesn't want to deal with DB on the application
> server.

Your customer needs to understand that a database is not a simple
file like a word document. The relationship between the database
server and the file is what guarantees durability. If the customer
does not want to deal with it on an application server, which is
understandable if the application server is worked, then they need to
provide a database server to run Firebird on, not a SAN. Of course
Firebird can be backed up to the SAN if thats what they want.

> I have read some articles on the web and pointed this is not a good
> solution, but is what they want...

and you need to advise them that various articles have advised
against this configuration due to the increased chance of corruption,
and that they may lose data and, for your own sake, they will be
charged if you need to fix it.

> BTW: I also edited this line:
> RemoteFileOpenAbility = 1,
> but it didn't help...

Firebird.conf is only read when the service starts (superserver) or
when a connection is made (classic server). I do not know the syntax
for remote openning. You may need to restart the service.