Subject Remote Database files
Author salisburyproject

I am not very experienced with Firebird and I will apreciate any help
with the following issue:

I need to build a configuration where the Firebird service runs on a
HOST1 and the database files are on HOST2.
A mapped drive exists on HOST1 with full access to the path on HOST2,
where the DB files are.

I tried connection string with mapped path, UNC path and
also: "localhost://HOST1/FB/DATA/Data.fdb"

Well, no go. I get message:

Unable to complete network request to host "HOST1".
-Failed to establish a connection.
-The network name cannot be found.

Same error from the program, Firebird ODBC and isql.

All works fine, if DB files are on HOST1.

I tried to change this setting in firebird.conf:
ExternalFileAccess = Full,
but it didn't help.

Is this configuration possible at all, and if yes, what should be
changed to make it work?

Thanks a lot in advance!