Subject Re: Help with embedded server and Delphi
Author Adam
> Thank you Adam, I think that was the "magical" little thing that I
needed to
> know: to rename fbemedded.dll to gds32.dll. I can't test that quite
yet, but
> at least I didn't find that information anywhere, so I'm quite sure
> will do the trick.

The Firebird documentation is The Firebird Book by Helen Borrie. If
you are using Firebird in your project, you should buy it. If you do
not have that, then your documentation is the IB6 guides combined with
the release notes.

Check the release notes inside the docs folder for embedded.




Just copy fbembed.dll into the directory with your
application. Then rename it to either fbclient.dll or
gds32.dll depending on your database connectivity software.
Then start your application and it will use the embedded
server as a client library and will be able to access
local datasases. You should also copy firebird.msg and
firebird.conf (if necessary) to the same directory.


The other trick is you can not use a TCP connection, you must use a
local path and from memory that local path must be an absolute path.

In Delphi, that is pretty easy, something like

IncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0))) +

In fact that is also in the readme.