Subject Re: Firebird 2.0 Beta 1
Author Adam
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<giannifilippone@y...> wrote:
> Hello Group,
> subject :
> Migration from FB 1.5.2 to FB 2
> Zeos components 6.5.1 / 2004-11-14
> (Delphi_6, IBexpert personal, No trigger, no SP)
> If I migrate to FB 2
> Have I to modify anything in my applications ?
> Many thanks in advance & regards,
> Gianni Filippini

It depends how lazy you are in FB 1.5. There are some sql statements
that 1.5 accepts that 2.0 will not accept. For example.

from table1 t1

(ie, if you use table aliases, you need to use them ***everywhere***
in the query).

But generally speaking no, I am able to run our application against FB
2 embedded with no modifications (and we do have several hundred
triggers, stored procedures and UDFs)

I recommend you download the embedded version of 2.0 if you want to
run it in parallel with 1.5 and you can then give it a reasonable test.

I am treating this as a 1.5 support query, but any problems you
encounter in 2.0 do not belong in this support list (until 2.0 is an
official release), see the release notes for 2.0 for instructions
about where to post questions etc.