Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help with embedded server and Delphi
Author Antti Kurenniemi
>>I'm looking for some information as to how to use the embedded server
>>(1.5.2) with Delphi (2005), but with little success. Is there any
>>documentation about how to get started, or some website or some such?
> Since I know you've been using Fb 1.5.2 with Delphi 2005 since at least
> last May, I assume you're asking what you have to do differently with
> embedded server.

Yes, that's it. I think Adam gave the tip I was looking for: to use
fbembedded.dll *instead* of gds32.dll - I hadn't figured that out myself,
but was trying to use both of them and that of course didn't make any sense.

(Just FYI: we've been making good progress and everything's worked really
well so far :-)

Antti Kurenniemi