Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT - why doesn't FB get any respect?
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Steve Wiser wrote:

>Sorry for the OT post... This slashdot comment really hurt though:
>I can never understand why everyone trumpets new features in mySQL and
>PostGres when Firebird has already had them for a long time... Maybe
>not enough marketing?

I think that it has more to do with psicologic than to thecnical aspects.

I think some people tend to trow rocks on other choices to try to proove
he made a good one (the best one ?)

I use FB it handle all my needs and I don't use a LOT of it features.

Does FB has things I'dlike to see ? Of course the answer will be yes.
But I could assure to anyone, that what I have today handle my most
important needs, so why will change ?

PostgreSQL will handle my needs ? Probably yes.

Why did I chosse FB ? Because I used IB with Delphi, because I thought
IB was more solid than Postgres and MySQL (when I searched for an open
source alternative) and PG doesn't have a native build for Windows at
that time.

Why differs PostgreSQL from FB ?
It is more popular ! Just it ! It's in the Open Source world for long
time, a bunch of people adopted it when there is no choice (or a fewer
choice) and stick with it.

The features ? Well, PG has some FB has others, no clear winner here in
my opnion.

As everyone here already knows, FB is extremelly easy to setup, and I
have some clients that I did not perform any "administrative task" for
years ! I had never got corruption (just once for a HD failure, that I
don't count of course !)

FB has what I need, it will improve in the future, it is rock solid, it
is easy to install, deploy and maintain, why do I need another DBMS ?

I think the same that I said above is the real reason that anyone stays
with some product, if it works well for you, why you will change ?

But people prefer to atack to justify his choice instead of argue.

If a product are superior in all areas I am sure the others will not exist !

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil