Subject Re: OT - why doesn't FB get any respect?
Author Adam
--- In, Steve Wiser <steve@s...> wrote:
> Sorry for the OT post... This slashdot comment really hurt though:
> I can never understand why everyone trumpets new features in mySQL and
> PostGres when Firebird has already had them for a long time... Maybe
> not enough marketing?
> -steve


Firebird-general may be a better place to talk about this.

There are probably a number of factors, from frustrations that
desirable features are held up in alpha releases, the difficulty in
finding good online documentation, ignorance, and little marketing. At
the end of the day, selecting Postgres may have been the best move he
ever made. You do not know which dbms he was using beforehand. There
are some things that Firebird does not handle well, some of which wont
even be addressed until Vulcan is ready.

Clearly, re-writing our product on Firebird was the best move we ever
made. Postgres was not a realistic option for us, unless we were to
convince our customers to buy and maintain a *nix server (at the time
there was no windows build). But if you want to do something about it,
write a white paper on something. Obviously, The Firebird Book is a
complete reference that is more complete than most documentation on
other DBMS, but those investigating Firebird may not be willing to buy
the book until they commit to the platform which is understandable.