Subject RE: [firebird-support] OT - why doesn't FB get any respect?
Author Noel Cosgrave
Yes, it is OT, and I would have replied to you directly if I could, so as to
keep the signal to noise ratio in the group on the right side of good.

As a DB developer, I use both Firebird and PostgreSQL, and I consider that
each has it's niche. I have to agree that in terms of documentation,
PostgreSQL is streets ahead. However, why not take something positive from
such comments and use them as a basis for building a better Firebird in the
future? For what it is worth, I have issues with the way PostgreSQL works,
and in particular the way table inheritance is implemented.

Anyway, I'm curious. Do you care to enumerate those features that FB has had
for a long time that have only recently been introduced to PostgreSQL (apart
from native Win32 capability)?


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Subject: [firebird-support] OT - why doesn't FB get any respect?

Sorry for the OT post... This slashdot comment really hurt though:

I can never understand why everyone trumpets new features in mySQL and
PostGres when Firebird has already had them for a long time... Maybe not
enough marketing?


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