Subject RE: [firebird-support] Japanese Windows - TIBDatabase::DoConnect() - problem.
Author Leyne, Sean

> >> Questions:
> >> Is supported IBX work with MBCS?
> >> How to organize work with MBCS??
> > The problem isn't with IBX, it is with Firebird/Interbase.
> In this case, it is. IBX uses String as pathname and not WideString.

Thanks for the correction. I had expected that since there were
confirmed FB tracker entries that the problem was with FB.

> > Firebird currently has issues with paths/filenames with MBCS
> And, I'm aware of this problem, but it seems to depend on certain
> circumstances. Since, in this example, isc_attach_database() can be
> used directly with any Japanese pathnames, but not via IBX.

You are suggesting that FB doesn't have a problem with MBCS, which runs
counter to the tracker reports.

Are you certain of your statement?