Subject Re: [firebird-support] Japanese Windows - TIBDatabase::DoConnect() - problem.
Author Daniel Rail

At November 2, 2005, 3:54 PM, Leyne, Sean wrote:

>> > Firebird currently has issues with paths/filenames with MBCS
> characters
>> And, I'm aware of this problem, but it seems to depend on certain
>> circumstances. Since, in this example, isc_attach_database() can be
>> used directly with any Japanese pathnames, but not via IBX.

> You are suggesting that FB doesn't have a problem with MBCS, which runs
> counter to the tracker reports.

> Are you certain of your statement?

No, but Pavel Levchuk should be able to confirm, since he is saying in
his post that he's not having problems with using MBCS pathnames
directly with isc_attach_database(). Who knows the reports in the
tracker might be with using alias.conf and/or the command-line
utilities(or even other 3rd party utilities and other connection

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