Subject Re: [firebird-support] Japanese Windows - TIBDatabase::DoConnect() - problem.
Author Daniel Rail

At November 2, 2005, 1:56 PM, Leyne, Sean wrote:

>> Problems:
>> To Japanese Windows the method works only with some JAPANESE paths.
>> Symptoms:
>> Judging by everything, method TIBDatabase::DoConnect() incorrectly
> works
>> with MBCS.
>> In also the time, native method isc_attach_database() successfully
> opens
>> any
>> JAPANESE paths.
>> Questions:
>> Is supported IBX work with MBCS?
>> How to organize work with MBCS??

> The problem isn't with IBX, it is with Firebird/Interbase.

In this case, it is. IBX uses String as pathname and not WideString.
Delphi doesn't natively support Unicode. The first version that
apparently will properly support Unicode will be Delphi 2006 in
combination with .Net(not Win32).

> Firebird currently has issues with paths/filenames with MBCS characters

And, I'm aware of this problem, but it seems to depend on certain
circumstances. Since, in this example, isc_attach_database() can be
used directly with any Japanese pathnames, but not via IBX.

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