Subject is Service Manager Backup Service finished?
Author Adam
Hello Group,

I am writing a small tool to automate the backup process a bit more.
We have a couple of servers hosting around 20 databases each. The tool
parses aliases.conf and runs a backup of each alias to a folder.

I am using Delphi and TIBBackupService at the moment. The backup
itself is working fine, but I need to know when it has finished
because I need to compress and transfer these fbk files to another
machine. The functions return before the backup is complete.

Is there a way to do this? The obvious one (IsServiceRunning property)
does not appear to be behaving as expected. I know I could wrap around
gbak but I would prefer to not have to.

I could also delay for an appropriate time before running the compress
/ transfer, but again, I would rather not.