Subject Re: Firebird .NET Data Provider
Author polash26
> It sound to me as though you did things in a slightly different
order to
> this: installed FB2, created the database (with IBExpert,
> Chocolate Factory or whatever), uninstalled Fb2 and then installed
FB 1.5.

I know I have done the things wrong way(may be). Because I have
installed FB2 and then I realize actually I need to install FB 1.5
for some requirement. So I unstalled FB2 and then installed FB 1.5.

> >Any more idea to solve it.
> Try Ann's tip - install Fb 2 somewhere, replace Fb 2's gbak
program with Fb
> 1.5's gbak and try to use Fb 1.5's gbak to back up the Fb 2
database. If
> it works, you would then be able to restore that gbak file back as
an ODS10
> database under Fb 1.5.

I think you guys are making the things very complicated. Just forget
about my previous database, because my current situation is, I have
FB 1.5 and IB expert, my FB 1.5 is runing, I have checked from the
control panel applet and I'm using IB expert to create brand new DB,
but when I'm using Firebird .NET Data Provider, still I'm getting
the same error. I have tried by creating new DB several times.

Is it possible, IB Expert is using FB 2 some how by it self?

> ./heLen