Subject Re: Exiting gracefully from lost connection error (335544721)
Author almfgingras
--- In, "Simon Carter"
<simon.carter@t...> wrote:
> Some additional tools/utils to try would be
> MemProof:
> (, well
> worth a go.
> FastMM: ( A *fantastic*
> drop in memory manager, not sure if it works on linux as ive never
> tried it.
> AQTime: ( if
> you have any spare cash, this app is a godsend.
> As a first call I would definitely try FastMM, you could be
> surprised what> shows up, MemProof is free and can be handy
> tracking down memory leaks, AQTime is similar to MemProof but more
> functional, especially if profiling.
Thanks again for your help Simon, I am sure I can make good use of
these resources. I will start with FastMM as you suggested. Linux is
not really a concern for me as I am working mainly in the Windows
environment - at least for now.

Best regards,