Subject Re: Exiting gracefully from lost connection error (335544721)
Author almfgingras
--- In, Jason Dodson <jasond@b...>
> If you are familiar with C compilers, DCU's (Delphi Compiled
> Units) are more or less .obj files in C. Using "Debug DCUs" will
> simply allow you to trace into code that you would not normally be
> able to when compiled normally (because there are no debug
> symbols to help).
> I think your best friend would be the stack tracer.
> Jason
Hi Jason,

Thank you for you input. I am much more familiar with Delphi than I
am with C compilers. In my project options, on the Compiler page, I
have Debug information, Local symbols and Reference info all
checked, which allows me to trace into my source code at runtime.

The problem is that not all DCUs used by my application have been
compiled with these options and I need the source code in order to
to recompile some of them with debug information, but I don't have
this source code (or at least don't know where it is). The source
code that I would need to recompile with debug information is for
the Interbase Express components, which I believe is the code where
the exceptions in which I am interested occur.

The 'Use Debug DCUs' option on the Compiler page of the project
options in Delphi appears to belong to CLX applications only
according to the Delphi's help, and I quote...

"Use Debug DCUs: Allows you to link in debug versions of CLX. The
Debug DCUs contain debug information and are built with stack
frames. When this option is checked, the compliler prepends the
Debug DCU path (specified in Tools|Debugger Options on the General
page) to the unit Search path specified in Project|Options on the
Directories/Conditionals page."

Best regards,