Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Exiting gracefully from lost connection error (335544721)
Author Simon Carter
Hi Philippe,

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> I think you may be losing me a little here with something
> outside of my limited knowledge. I am using VCL components,
> is using Debug DCUs not not an option for CLX components
> only? At least that is how it sounds when I read the
> information about compiler options in the help file. Also,
> since I don't have the source code for the Interbase Express
> components (or at least I don't know where it is), I don't
> think I can recompile the application to use Debug DCUs for them.
> Please feel free to shed some light on my ignorance if you
> find it appropriate to do so.
> I will try some new tests using FreeAndNil instead of Free
> alone and see if that can help me getting around the problem.

Some additional tools/utils to try would be

MemProof: (, well
worth a go.
FastMM: ( A *fantastic* drop in
memory manager, not sure if it works on linux as ive never tried it.
AQTime: ( if you have
any spare cash, this app is a godsend.

As a first call I would definitely try FastMM, you could be surprised what
shows up, MemProof is free and can be handy tracking down memory leaks,
AQTime is similar to MemProof but more functional, especially if profiling.


Si Carter