Subject RE: [firebird-support] Applications that use Firebird?
Author Bill Meaney
Harvest (r), our hospital Contract Management System uses Firebird to
maintain an insurance claims database. Harvest will determine what each
claim should be paid by the insurance company based on contract terms. It
has tools to determine which claims were not paid correctly (which happens
quite often), and helps the hospital follow-up and track their recovery
efforts. We have clients that have recovered more than 3 million dollars of
under payments in a year.

Harvest also has a simulation module that allows the hospital to apply
proposed contract terms to historical claim data. This allows them to have
better information during contract negotiations with the insurance

Our clients usually maintain three years of claim data with an average
database size of about 4 Gig.

Firebird is definitely a serious business tool.

Bill Meaney
TPMS, Inc.

> I've been browsing google, and the firebird website for over an hour
> now and I figured that I would just join here and outright ask.
> What 3rd-party applications use Firebird (other than for
> administration of Firebird)?
> At first I was just looking for any wiki software with a firebird
> backend, but now I'm generally curious as to all software out there
> uses it. Perhaps a few can be strung together to create a powerful
> firebird based suite.
> Thanks in advance.