Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Applications that use Firebird?
Author Nhlanhla Mgoza
Believe it or not, we are using Firebird to create a Mini-ERP system. We
have got a well hooked up Materials Management, Production Planning, Supply
Chain modules, they are fully integrated. We have exclude Finance.

Firebird handles most of the business logic. One of the real processor
crunchers is the Production Scheduler, we have developed Firebird Stored
procedures that handles the input of Supply Chain Demand (consists of about
104 weeks) from the Planners. It uses about 10 SKUs, different shift
patterns, 10 production lines. firebird would then take all of these values
and generate an optimal production scheduler to meet the demand. we then use
Delphi DevExp. Grids to display the values.

Without Firebird, I don't know where we would have been. Interestingly, I
was using MySQL before migrating to Firebird and Firebird kicks.

Nhlanhla Mgoza