Subject Re: Results of the Firebird Global Usage Survey
Author Adam
> Isn't it a bit suspicious that there are nearly 10 times as much
users in Brazil
> than in any other country (including the US)?

What is suspicious about it?

Only 74 people (out of nearly 300 million) actually responded to the
survey from that country.

Statistically, the more interesting result is

Number of Deployed Servers / Respondents grouped by country.

In the US, that means on average about 55 installs per respondent.
In Brazil, this figure is about 37.
In Australia, it is 275.

Clearly different people use Firebird for different purposes. Some
people only have to manage one or two massive databases, others deal
with 100s or 1000s of simpler databases.

It also depends on how well Firebird has been reported in the media in
the various places, as well as the wealth of the various countries.
Less wealthy countries will be naturally attracted to free databases
like Firebird.

It would be interesting to get some insight on the exact reasonings
behind the skew (perhaps key people involved in the development and
promotion of Firebird live in these countries), but I think this should
be moved to firebird-general for that discussion.