Subject RE: [firebird-support] Results of the Firebird Global Usage Survey
Author Alan McDonald
> 2005/10/14, Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB) <listas@...>:
> > Hi!
> >
> > You can check the result of the recently published Firebird Global
> > Usage Survey at
> Isn't it a bit suspicious that there are nearly 10 times as much
> users in Brazil
> than in any other country (including the US)?

suspicious of:
US users don't use FB..
US users don't answer FB surveys..
US users don't answer any surveys..
US users didn't find out about the survey..
many more Brazilian users found out about the survey..
many more Brazilian users answer surveys..
many more Brazilian users answer FB surveys...
many more Brazilian users use FB...
any/all of the above

check your suspicions against the cross-section of Firebird Foundation
I have an equally very high percentage of Brazilian users who have
downloaded FBReplicator...
Is this because it's free? and they need it free?, or do they need
replication more than any other national user group?
I think it's all interesting and suspicion is healthy....