Subject fbserver.exe terminated abnormally (4294967295)
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Today the above subject was registered in our Firebird log. We don't
find any clues to what happened, but it happened approximately at a
time when I did something Firebirdy that I've never done before, hence
I kind of hope I'm to blame:

I did a RECREATE TABLE A (<fieldname> ... to get rid of an external
file that stored this table before. The table was completely empty,
and I was most likely the only person attached to that database at
that time (though I was accessing it from both IB_SQL and Database
WorkBench). I am normally the only person using that database and no
DML was done, just DDL.

Am I correct in guessing that this is a probable cause? I didn't
recreate the error, because Aage wouldn't be the only one not
rejoicing if I crashed the Firebird engine on the same server as our
production database resides 'just for testing'. I made one little test
on a different server (Firebird 1.5.1) , but didn't recreate the problem.

We're using Firebird SS running as a service.