Subject Re: [firebird-support] fbserver.exe terminated abnormally (4294967295)
Author Ann W. Harrison
Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
> I did a RECREATE TABLE A (<fieldname> ... to get rid of an external
> file that stored this table before. The table was completely empty,
> and I was most likely the only person attached to that database at
> that time (though I was accessing it from both IB_SQL and Database
> WorkBench). I am normally the only person using that database and no
> DML was done, just DDL.
> Am I correct in guessing that this is a probable cause?

What you did should not have crashed the server. unh, duh! SQL features
shouldn't cause the database to crash (reminds me vaguely of a story
variously told about several Computer Science schools, which, in the
early days, ran lots of home-brewed system software. Students made a
game of figuring out how to crash the system and got imaginative enough
to be really annoying to the people who were trying to get work done.
Adding a new user-level command CRASH took all the sport out of the
game, restoring stability to the lab.)

Recreate table should not crash the server... And you should not crash
the production server just to see if the problem can be reproduced
there. Any clues as to what's different between the database that
caused the failure and the one that didn't?