Subject Re: Table references in SQL queries
Author Adam
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> Hello,
> First I apologize for my poor english... :)
> I would like to use the embedded version of Firebird server in order to
> do an application migration from WSAD/DB2 to Tomcat/free database
> server. Firebird seems to work fairly well but I encountered a
> problem : all the SQL queries in the application to migrate refer to
> tables with the syntax "database_name.table_name".
> Here's an example : INSERT INTO AFDZAC.FDZQTA01
> The problem is that for different reasons we cannot change the queries
> and Firebird seems to reject this syntax and accepts just the name of
> the table. This syntax works on DB2 (and MySQL too) and I wonder if
> there is a way to force Firebird to accept it too.


If you quoted the table names, you could probably create a table
called "AFDZAC.FDZQTA01", but then you would need to use the
quotations to refer to it.

>With aliases?

Well if you could use table name aliases (which is what I am assuming
you mean), then it would be just as easy to change the queries.