Subject Table references in SQL queries
Author cedric_maucourt

First I apologize for my poor english... :)

I would like to use the embedded version of Firebird server in order to
do an application migration from WSAD/DB2 to Tomcat/free database
server. Firebird seems to work fairly well but I encountered a
problem : all the SQL queries in the application to migrate refer to
tables with the syntax "database_name.table_name".
Here's an example : INSERT INTO AFDZAC.FDZQTA01
The problem is that for different reasons we cannot change the queries
and Firebird seems to reject this syntax and accepts just the name of
the table. This syntax works on DB2 (and MySQL too) and I wonder if
there is a way to force Firebird to accept it too. With aliases? Or
another trick?

Thanks for your help.