Subject Re: [firebird-support] AMD64 build
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:

> Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Alex is working on the AMD64 builds for Firebird 2 Linux at the moment and
>>there are still some issues. No doubt he will build Fb 1.5.3 for AMD64
>>when it becomes feasible. (I thought you were a firebird-devel watcher!)
> I am. I just thought that what he wrote was 2.0-only and that it won't
> be backported to 1.5. I forgot to mention that, sorry.

The last word I had was that the problems with aligning data types was
not something that would be easy to fix in 1.5, and that the supported
AMD64 port would be FB2.

> I needed to know about 1.5, as I kind-of need it now. I'm replacing my
> laptop with 64bit one, and wish to keep all applications 64-bit only (I
> haven't installed 32bit compatibility libs yet, and hope that I won't
> need to). It looks it would be safer to run 32bit Firebird at this
> point. What do you recommend I do? Perhaps run those 64bit builds in
> debug mode and report every bug I find?

In 2 everything will be transparent, but in 1.5 *IF* an AMD64 build is
released it probably would not be totally compatible which is why it's
still marked as experimental.

> To make a problem clearer: Sometimes I use that laptop when I go to a
> customer's site, and use FlameRobin on it to connect to customer's
> Firebird server. Should I expect problems if I run 64bit FR with 64bit
> fbclient to access databases via 32bit Firebird server?

Most definitely not - which is why the ODS changes in FB2 to ensure an
exact match - or so I understand.

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