Subject AMD64 build
Author Milan Babuskov

I got a hold on to 64bit AMD CPU, and I want to develop 64 bit
applications on it that would use Firebird. In order to do that I need
to link to 64 bit fbclient library. All this on Linux, BTW.

I see that 64 builds for 1.5 have been withdrawn, and don't seem like
thez are coming back soon? I'm interested at those issues. Is it safe to
use those builds in development environment? What kind of malfunctions
can one expect? Corrupt databases or just some run-time problems? I
would still run 32bit in production, of course.

I esp. interested if the problems were on server or client side, as I
will probably use 64bit fbclient to talk to 32bit Firebird servers on


Milan Babuskov