Subject Re: [firebird-support] AMD64 build
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:03 PM 12/10/2005 +0200, you wrote:
>I got a hold on to 64bit AMD CPU, and I want to develop 64 bit
>applications on it that would use Firebird. In order to do that I need
>to link to 64 bit fbclient library. All this on Linux, BTW.
>I see that 64 builds for 1.5 have been withdrawn, and don't seem like
>thez are coming back soon? I'm interested at those issues. Is it safe to
>use those builds in development environment? What kind of malfunctions
>can one expect? Corrupt databases

Yes. Those builds have data alignment problems.

>or just some run-time problems?

Corrupt databases do tend to create them. :-) So, for development, take
plenty of backups.

>would still run 32bit in production, of course.
>I esp. interested if the problems were on server or client side, as I
>will probably use 64bit fbclient to talk to 32bit Firebird servers on

Server side - stored or server-calculated numeric data won't always be what
you thought.

Alex is working on the AMD64 builds for Firebird 2 Linux at the moment and
there are still some issues. No doubt he will build Fb 1.5.3 for AMD64
when it becomes feasible. (I thought you were a firebird-devel watcher!)