Subject Re: [firebird-support] Prevent Windows from using port 3050
Author Reinhard Gunacker
I hope it works.

Thank you for your help!

Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> Hello Reinhard,
>> I use Firebird 1.5 on several Windows 2000 servers (some of then running
>> MSSQL and Exchange).
>> Today, after restarting a server, i could not connect to the database
>> via network. I recognized that the process 'system' was using port 3050.
>> After a second restart the process 'msdtc.exe' used it. These processes
>> start before firebird so starting the firebird server fails because of
>> the used port.
>> I found out, that this processes use dynamic ports which changes on
>> every reboot. So rebooting a third time resolved the problem.
>> Does anybody know how to prevent Windows from using port 3050?
> For a range of ports, check this out: