Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Firebird
Author Paul Reeves
On Saturday 08 October 2005 07:49, Jonathan Neve wrote:
> I think the installer could use a little work in this area, to make it
> smoother. If you try to install one version of FireBird over top of
> another (or over top of IB 6) you get a warning in the installer, and
> it won't configure anything, nor register the service.

That is by design. The installation will complete but the user must do
manual configuration. It is not the installers job to try and guess
whether the previous install is just broken or whether the user actually
wants more than one version installed. This way is the safe way.

> It would be good
> if this were handled automatically in the installer (for example, we
> could let the user configure the port directly in the installer, rather
> than just not registering the service).

There are at least three issues here.

1/ I think the installer should be as simple as possible and accomplish
the tasks required by 99% of users. Adding configuration screens at
install time complicates things for most users.

2/ I know full well we can add loads more functionality to the installer.
This comes at the cost of making it harder to maintain.

3/ This sort of functionality should not be in the installer script per
se. We should be providing it from the command-line tools. This then
allows users to write their own install script with the installation tool
of their choice, while at the same time ensuring that all installations
follow the same rules.

So, the first step forwards is to look at the command-line tools and make
sure that they support configuring multiple instances. (There is still a
little work to do here.)

The one thing that has been holding me back on this is that with the
advent of Vulcan the whole installation model will change somewhat. It
supports a much richer configuration file which allows a single install
to support unlimited configurations on a single server while also
implementing a gateway to multiple engines. This really changes all the
rules and I'm reluctant to embark on major changes to the Fb2 installer
now, knowing that we need to look forwards to the Vulcan way.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase