Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Firebird
Author Jonathan Neve

Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:

>Use the same approach.
>Install FB 1.5 and let it run on port 3050 then install FB 2.0 and
>configure it to run on another port (I use 3052).
>I had a problem, FB 2.0 wont find the correct path for the secutiry
>database in the first attempt, I had to remove the FB Registry entries
>to make the both run.
I think the installer could use a little work in this area, to make it
smoother. If you try to install one version of FireBird over top of
another (or over top of IB 6) you get a warning in the installer, and it
won't configure anything, nor register the service. It would be good if
this were handled automatically in the installer (for example, we could
let the user configure the port directly in the installer, rather than
just not registering the service).

If the installer was made with InnoSetup, I'd be glad to help improve
it. Where can I get the installation script?

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
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