Subject RE: [firebird-support] Create Database Process
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 27-Jan-2005 20:03:50, Helen Borrie wrote:
> Just send a valid CREATE DATABASE or CREATE SCHEMA statement through the
> API by whatever means you normally communicate through the API. Follow it

> up with a COMMIT statement and the server will connect to the new database

> and send the database handle back to the waiting application -- exactly as

> it does when isql happens to be the waiting application.

I'm trying to do this from 4th Dimension right now, and I can execute SQL
for the creation of the database just fine, but does this assume that once
the database is created, the user is now connected and logged in as the
User/Password that was specified for the database?

If so, does this imply that it has the same affect as Connecting to the
database afterwards, ie. That the user is 'attached' to the database, but no
transaction has yet been created.

If so, in order to do the COMMIT, how does one execute that? Isn't a COMMIT
only associated with a transaction?


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