Subject Compiling & Installing Firebird 1.5 from source on Mandrake 9.x
Author awoellgens
Hi Folks,

don t know if this was here before but the installation sheet on the
Firebird download page says, version 1.5 of FB can be installed on
Mandrake 9.x distris.
I tried now half a dozen installations with the same amount of
versions and only 1.0.x binaries installed on mandrake 9.1, no 1.5
(source and binary)at all. Binaries missed stdc++6- libraries,got
"undefined references " errors in several sources and wrong sizes of
pointers and diff. parser errors as well...
What prerequisites are def. needed to get FB 1.5x compiled and
installed on mandrae 9.x?
Is c++ v6 def. needed?
Mandrake 9.1
gcc 3.2.2
bison and bayacc 19
what else to mention?


P.s. have to add, i am no developer, just normal user with some exp.
with "configure, make and editing conf-files" ;-)