Subject Re: Compiling & Installing Firebird 1.5 from source on Mandrake 9.x
Author vandy899
--- In, "awoellgens"
<awoellgens@y...> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> don t know if this was here before but the installation sheet on the
> Firebird download page says, version 1.5 of FB can be installed on
> Mandrake 9.x distris.
> I tried now half a dozen installations with the same amount of
> versions and only 1.0.x binaries installed on mandrake 9.1, no 1.5
> (source and binary)at all. Binaries missed stdc++6- libraries,got
> "undefined references " errors in several sources and wrong sizes of
> pointers and diff. parser errors as well...
> What prerequisites are def. needed to get FB 1.5x compiled and
> installed on mandrae 9.x?
> Is c++ v6 def. needed?
> use:
> Mandrake 9.1
> gcc 3.2.2
> stdc++5
> bison and bayacc 19
> what else to mention?
> Achim
> P.s. have to add, i am no developer, just normal user with some exp.
> with "configure, make and editing conf-files" ;-)

What was the output of: The configure script; and the failing gcc call.